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Esoteria has reached a new record of 30 registered users today!
JimyTheLightfootGood evenin' folks!

As you can see from the Sneak Peaks we have finally finished work on the Character Sheet system! You can change classes, access your skills, use them easily and bind them to specific items or receive an item to use the skill with. You can access your Heroes attributes page, Quest Journal, Key Items, all of it from one convenient menu located in your inventory.

With the completion of this and several other systems it's all about wrapping up finishing touches. Finishing stuff in the existing settlements, squaring away some starting dungeons/locations and then we will be ready to launch!

The day draws ever closer!
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JimyTheLightfootHey folks! Jimmy here with some updates!

We've really been hammering out some content recently. Aqua is now getting scripted, the first dungeon is nearing completion and the Ancient Catacombs a medium-high level dungeon is also almost finished.

A lot of systems are being worked on including hitpoint indicators for when mobs are struck or healed.

Frontier's Folly has been getting a lot of work. The Thieves guild has been built and the scripting for it will begin soon. Lots of quests will be added. Can you find all of the secrets of the guild when we launch?

New mobs are being made including unique bosses and dungeon specific mobs as well!

Many dev systems have been put into place, tested and are ready to go! This means we can now focus primarily on new content.

As the weeks go on these updates will become more and more frequent. Keep checking back, Esoteria grows ever closer to public launch.
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JimyTheLightfootHey folks!
The devs here at Esoteria are always looking at ease of use and to provide good utilities to enhance player experience. This is why the Travel Pack exists so you can always have a safe double chest in your inventory should you need the extra space.

Today we bring you the Set Compass command! It's pretty simple and easy to use.

/setcompass player - This will set the compass to your current location, making it point to wherever you had set it to!
/setcompass x:# y:# z:# = This will set the compass to a location you specify! Just put the coordinates in the corresponding arguments.
/setcompass AddLocation Name:(Name) - This lets you create a custom location that can be called to make it easier to use!
When used this sets the custom location to your current location.
NOTE: Custom names must contain no spaces or special characters!
/setcompass Custom Name:(Name - This sets your compass to a previously named location (see above).
/setcompass reset - No secret here! This resets your compass back to normal.

Finally this system is being implemented in our Quest Journal system as well! Right clicking a book within your Quest Journal will allow you to set the compass to the Quest's next relevant location.

These systems will help players explore more efficiently and perhaps embolden them to travel further from home knowing they can always find where home is!

We get closer and closer to launch with each successful system implemented. Stay tuned kids!
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ZeukOfGearworksFirst boss is just about scripted!
We edge closer and closer to opening to the public!!
Keep watching and as always #PleaseLookForwardToIt
Minecraft || Animated Statue (Scripted)
The first boss of Esoteria Minecraft is nearly finished! Com...
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ZeukOfGearworksThe 3 phases of the first boss are now finished!
Just have to script the rest of the encounter and it will be ready for testing!
Video will follow shortly!!

JimyTheLightfootHey there folks, Jimmy here to let you know that quite a bit has gotten done in the last week on the server!

Heroes is almost implemented, with all classes inputted and added into our new original systems. The skills are still being worked on and developed.

Bosses and new mobs are being designed and some are already in place! As you can see from Sneak Peaks, some of these mobs will be quite different than your garden variety enemies. Expect the unexpected!

The Quest Journal, Reputation and Character Sheet systems are basically finished. Questing and using Heroes will be easier than ever before and many of these systems are original to Esoteria.

A lot of building has been finished recently as well including major settlements and places for players to explore!

More is on the horizon and we'll try to keep you abreast of updates. Join us on Discord and talk to us directly if you want more information and faster updates.
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ZeukOfGearworksNew rewards for voting! 5 Diamonds, $2500, and a Double EXP Boost for 1/2 hour!
ZeukOfGearworksVoting links are now working!! Vote us up! Will be adding rewards soon!
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ZeukOfGearworksGave the site a new look! Hope you guys like it!
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