Error and Issue Reporting Guidelines:
Firstly, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO REPORT PLAYERS. Please do that via PM on the forums or Discord.
Secondly, reports that do not follow the guidelines below will be ignored or even deleted. The guidelines are in place so we can better identify and fix the errors and issues reported. Help us help you.
How to Report:
1 - The subject should be quick and to the point. Example "Report: Warrior Throw Axe skill doing 1 damage." or "Report: Getting random lag spikes." Subjects that will be ignored: "Heroes not working" "Skills broken" "Found a glitch." It takes time to fix things, help us take less time by making deciphering your problems easier. Please include Report: in the beginning of the subject.
2 - The message needs to include the following
- Time when the error or issue last occurred. Please be as specific as possible.
- What you were doing at the time of the problem, please be as detailed as possible, but be relevant as well. What items you had in your inventory is not relevant to a lag report as an example.
- In the case of a lag report or bug, please list any, if applicable mods you are using, how much ram you have allocated to minecraft, a report and any overlays you may be using. Having to ask these questions slows down the process, include the information if relevant! My reply should be about how to help, not to ask these questions!
3 - Screenshots and error logs must be provided ONLY via pastebin, photobucket or similar means. Spamming this thread with screenshots or long paste logs will result in the post being deleted. Having to sift through a sea of photos to get to the next issue is also time consuming.

Finally, understand: The vast majority of lag and fps issues are CLIENT side. Before reporting here, take steps to mitigate the problem on your end.
Check your speed:
Check your CPU and Ram load on your task manager for resource hogs.
Make sure you have enough ram allocated.
Make sure your bandwidth is not being overused by other devices connected to your network.

Follow these steps, help us help you!