"It was surreal, his eyes were lifeless and dark, but his smile was full of warmth."
~A Saved Villager

The inspection of an original Chosen one has led to the understanding that it is not merely Undeath, but immortality to some extent that keeps these Devout Paladins alive. Through some form or another they can channel holy energy despite being of the Unliving making them unique in this world of ours. What perplexes me is the way their bodies are, despite the eldest predating the Undead Catastrophe more than fifteen hundred years ago, not a single sign of erosion presents itself, what's more with each Evil Undead slain their bodies seem to grow in strength, as if they are absorbing whatever it is that make THEM move. No matter how far i dig only more questions present themselves.

Another peculiar thing is the fact that these "children of Null" have Undead Clerics with the ability to cast Positive energy magic, it is absurd, having a holy attribute is one thing, but to use actual regenerative magic is unheard of in the Undead.

It has been nearly a year and all I have is more questions, I am going to see if I can extend my stay here by talking to the high Priestess, hopefully, with some begging, I will be able to continue my Studies on the Order of the Undying.